At MSM we offer a revolving crate system that has worked very well over the years and is a cost savings for everyone involved. We have a wide inventory of crates that are designed and built to go back and forth many times before they are worn out. MSM builds and owns the crates. Each crate is numbered and logged into the system. MSM ships the order and the customer is then responsible for returning the crate within 60 days. Generally the customer will store up a bundle of crates before they are sent back to reduce shipping costs. We log the crate back into the system upon its return. If the crate is not returned, you will be billed for that particular crate. The standard sizes offered are listed below. If a customer does not want to participate in the revolving crate system a crating charge can be included on each quotation. 

MSM Machine Works, Inc.
Standard Sizes

2' x 4'

2' x 6'

2' x 8'

2' x 12' 

2' x 14'

4' x 8'

4' x 12'
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